st thomus convent school

Welcome to St Thomas Convent School


“The vision without action is a dream. An action without vision is a nightmare BUT an action with a vision can change our lives.”
St. Thomus Convent School aims to be an institution of excellence, dedicated to produce gems and creams and thus providing the best future posterity to the country.


To fulfil the vision, St. Thomus Convent School provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his full potential.
In addition, based on it’s traditions and it’s rich history, the school aims at the broader development of the complete personality of its students by creating:
• An understanding and appreciation of India’s rich culture
• A sense of integrity, ethics, and uncompromising honesty
• A strong secular ethos
• Leadership, with a sense of team work and fair play
• An awareness of the environment
• A concern for the less fortunate
• A concern for human rights and democratic values
• A questioning mind and a spirit of adventure

The system embodies the right balance between guidance and freedom for the child. It provides a carefully planned and structured environment in which the child grows and learns in a natural way. Our highly qualified and dedicated teaching staff ensures that every child’s learning, both academic and social, is the key focus of all that we do. Our child-friendly style of education, with its diverse experiences and differentiated curriculum, meets the needs of creating quality future leaders of India.

Students need a variety of creative and experimental learning experiences that develop and speak to their passions. This will create strong citizens who prize diversity and seek out learning opportunities. We ensure that the students imbibe the essential qualities of a good leader by learning to develop new ideas in a constructive manner, adopt enthusiastic approach while being sensible and logical, and finally focus the thinking in a specific area of interest. It is a centre of excellence and a testimony of our relentless pursuit of quality education.


St. Thomus Convent School seamlessly combines a global mindset with Indian values. As a result, a solid foundation is built which can be best described in M.L. Boren’s words, “You should have education enough so that you don’t have to look up to people, and then more education so that you will be wise enough not to look down on people”.


St. Thomus Convent School focuses on building communication between the learner and the facilitator. Using a structured and well documented way to approach issues, St. Thomus Convent School develops students who are open minded, critical thinkers and disciplined, yet energetic in thought and action.


St. Thomus Convent School offers education that liberates. The common and outmoded system of learning heavy and irrelevant content is avoided. Students are provided with an alternative and extraordinary world of path-breaking teaching strategies and technology. They are offered liberation from a tired and ineffective curriculum, by a style of leadership and governance that puts every unique child first, unlocking every part of their hidden potential, and laying a foundation for greatness.