Admissions Details

The school admits students in March every year.

To be admitted in the Pre-Nursery a student must be over 2.5 years and under 3 years of age in April. For Nursery, student must be over 3.5 years and under 4 years of age in April. K.G. student must be over 4.5 years and under 5 years of age in April and 1st standard student must be over 5.5 years and under 6 years of age in April of the year in which he sits for the assessment.

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Admission procedure

The admission for the new session begins in march. However, the registration for the same begins from January every year. The school doesn’t charge any registration fee from the parents. The objective behind registration is to make a child’s admittance safe, that strictly depends on the number of seats vacant in a class. There are no basic formalities (written test etc) for the kids seeking admission in pre-nursery or nursery class. However for classes K.G. to 3rd, an assessment is conducted. It consists of 3 basic subject’s namely-English, Hindi and Maths. Prior to entrance exam, parents may have a look at the syllabus of that concerned class in which their child wants to seek admission or they can also ask for the syllabus that is specially designed for new admission. The same can also be had free of cost from the school’s reception.

Admission is a two step process

In the first step, students give an Assessment.

The Assessment is held in March of every year. It consists of three papers: English, Hindi, and Mathematics.

In the second step

•    In the second step of the admission process, those students who qualify in the Assessment process, their parents are invited for a personal interview.
•    The school gives some consideration to the sons, grandsons, and brothers of Old students as also to sisters of students currently in school.
•    The school does not admit students in 4th and 5th standard.
•    In order to appear for the entrance examination again, the candidate must meet the age requirement set out above.
•    The number of students admitted every year depends on the vacant seats that become available in the school.