School will conduct Parent Teacher Meet time to time. Prior to the conferences/meeting you will be sent an appointment notice. If, for any reason, parents wish to talk to the teacher or principal about their child, they should contact the school to arrange a meeting. The school strongly believes in the importance of home/school communication and will make effort to accommodate you in this regard.

st thomus convent school

Education Trips

Throughout the year, trips are organized to various places as part of the learning programme. A permission or consent slip is always sent home prior to these trips along with a request for money to cover costs. Parents’ help is usually required for these trips.

At St Thomas we try to create an atmosphere of friendliness wherein we are sympathetic and have empathy with every child and his needs. We lend receptive ears to all his or her needs.

st thomus convent school

Reporting to Parents

The school reports parents on children’s progress throughout the year. Parent/Teacher meeting are an important aspect of this process and parents are strongly urged to attend. A written report is sent borne towards the end of fmal term. Parents are encouraged to discuss tbeir child’s progress at any time during the year by making an appointment with the class teacher or Principal

Sand Pits

The school provides Sand Play Area for child by which the children develop Physically (big muscle for digging, pushing, loading, pouring, small muscle from patting, scooping, building and eye-hand coordination) emotionally & socially (satisfaction from achievement and discovery by co-operating and building with others) mentally (understanding the weight and texture of sand, developing communication skills through talking, sharing ideas with others while playing).

Play House Area

The School provides a Play House Area for children. By having the opportunity to play and make believe, children develop socially, mentally, physically and emotionally. Children relieve their feelings by acting.

Co-curricular activities

A rich learning environment is provided by integrating various art forms into the curriculum. Students are encouraged to pursue their interest and explore their own potentials in performing arts. Art (Drawing), Craft, Music and Dance are essential components in the learning process. Students are given various opportunities to display their talents. Activities on Saturdays provide students a chance to learn and enhance their creativity and sense of harmony.