School Information

The school, when established on 24th March 2002, had hardly fifty students on rolls. It was started in an ordinary house in Sector 5, having 2-3 rooms and the same no. of teachers approx. Started initially as a Play way for toddlers, slowly and gradually, the no. of classes increased with each successful year. In 2012, the school completed a decade. Today the strength of the school is more than 600 students approx. and the number of teachers varies between 25-30.


•    Provide an environment where each child feels accepted, secure and happy. Build up self-respect for others and mutual cooperation.
•    Promote individual success and growth .
•    Identify child’s JFllent and ability and provide opportunities for their expression and development.
•    Establish a warm and positive learning environment where individual progress and achievement is promoted.
•    Provide a full and balanced curriculum, which meets the needs of our pupils while stressing the importance ofthe skills ofleaming in the school curriculum.
•    Respect and value the school’s multicultural dimension.
•    Achieve high standards of behaviour, conduct and self-discipline so that children reflect pride in their school.


As an institution, St. Thomus Convent School believes in building leadership skills of the pupils by developing their individuality and discovering their potential. Children are geared to be creative lifelong learners and be adaptive enough to meet the challenges of life. Students are endowed with the capabilities required to become future leaders in every fields. As such, St. Thomus Convent School considers it vital to instill in them a strong set of core values by which they will shape their lives and the world around them. Strong moral and ethical codes are provided to them for the future benefit of the society.
St. Thomus Convent School focuses on:
•    Values of honesty, compassion, tolerance and respect for others.
•    Development of democratic and secular values.
•    Respect for our country’s rich and varied heritage and a sense of national pride.
•    Learning to contribute to humanity through cooperative efforts.

st thomus convent school

Objects of Education

A complete education should enable a child:
•    To be able to distinguish between good and evil.
•    To form the habit of choosing good rather than evil.
•    To have his brain trained to think logically.
•    To have a reasonably wide general knowledge of important facts about the world in which we live.
•    To be able to express himself clearly, in speech or in writing, in the language or languages of the people with whom he will work
•    To have a body that is healthy, strong, and vigorous, and to know how to look after it.
•    To have developed a sensitiveness to beauty and a taste and feeling that will strive to eradicate ugliness from his surroundings.